About Us

Earthyware is a group of socially responsible humans in New York City who all work together at LMG digitalMedia. They decided NOW would be a good time to stop poisoning themselves with Teflon and heavy metals from conventional cookware. Being in the digital media business and working with Fortune 500 companies every day, it was quite simple for these creative wizards to come up with a brand Earthyware™ and build a website, which they actually did in 17 hours exactly.

From concept to market, Earthyware was launched in a total of 6 days (which, compared to God creating the Earth is nothing impressive) but they were fairly happy with themselves, regardless. Interestingly enough, God also created Earthyware right there in the Colombian river mud. It just took some very clever native South American people to shape it into cookware and work out how to make it impervious to heat. So, when you consider that all the work was already done, Earthyware's formation in 6 days is not even the slightest bit impressive, but don't tell the genii at LMG that. They are very touchy about such things.
What is important, is that everyone loves Earthyware, and you will too.

My Earthyware is like a drug. I just need more and more. I am throwing out all my old cookware piece by piece and replacing it with Earthyware. Its exciting stuff.
Alison Isbell
New York, NY

Sausages and Peppers
Before there was Earthyware, I used to grill my peppers and onions on aluminum foil. Now I just put them in my Earthyware dish and put the whole thing on the grill. I think Earthyware should be in every kitchen in America. I love it.
John Russo
Montclair, NJ